“What baking pans do you use?”

img_1536-1My sister-in-law’s mother recently asked me what cookie sheets I use for baking my delicious confectionary masterpieces- her words not mine, but I won’t deny it. I love to use USA Pans. They are durable and bake anything and everything consistently throughout. I buy my pans at Bed Bath & Beyond,  but I have found the occasionally hidden gem at Homegoods or Marshalls. Give them a try! I promise you will love them as much as I do.


Here Comes the Bride…

weddingcookiesI hosted a bridal shower for one of my best friends last March, and of course I had to make wedding cookies for the celebration. I made a simple wedding cookie- butter, walnuts, vanilla, and more butter! My mother and I hand stamped the stickers, and then we embossed them with gold embossing powder. I tied white tulle to the cellophane bags to finish these Happily Ever After party favors. Are they not the cutest?!

Creative Christmas Cookie Cutters!

img_1382-copyAs you can imagine, Pinterest has led me to some creative ideas when it comes to cookie decor. Yes, I had a snow flake cookie cutter. Who doesn’t? I also had a gingerbread man cookie cutter. Again, most bakers have one of those as well. I was trying to come up with inventive ways to use the cookie cutters I already had for my Christmas Cookies this year, and lo and behold, Pinterest gave me an answered prayer! One fellow Pinterest user used an upside down gingerbread man cookie and decorated it like a reindeer! I was excited to try this idea, and it was so cute and easy! I used a flood consistency meringue powder royal icing as the base, and then I used a piping consistency icing for the detail work on the rest of the cookies. The eyes for the reindeer were created with a Wilton food coloring marker. The antlers and the base of the snowflakes were brushed with gold luster dust and a almond extract mixture. I was so happy with the end result, and I cannot wait to do the reindeer cookies again next year!

Happy 24th Birthday, Alina!

img_0253-copyMy best friend turned 24 on February 5 this year, so of course I had to bake some cookies for the occasion. I started by using a geometric cookie cutter so that my cookies would have a classic yet interesting design. I used a meringue powder royal icing at a flood consistency for the base layer, and I used the icing at a piping consistency for the outline. The shimmery effect was created with silver luster dust, a few drops of almond extract, and a small brush. My plan is to buy an airbrush system so that my cookies will not look blotchy in future photos. After I added the luster dust to the cookie, I piped the “A” monogram onto the center of the cookie. Not all of the cookies had the “A”, some had “24” piped onto the center, but for some reason I forgot to take pictures of the “24” cookies.