Where are you summer?

I was just day dreaming about summer and thought I would use my new starfish cookie cutter last weekend. I had such a blast creating something so simple and elegant. 


Graduation Cap Cookies


Graduation is right around the corner for all of you Seniors out there! Senioritis is no joke, and neither are these cookies. I used the Wilton Graduation Cap cookie cutter to start off this design. I used the basic flooding consistency royal icing in Super Black by AmeriColor (#4 piping tip). Then I used the same Super Black food coloring and created a piping consistency royal icing to pipe the design of the cap (#4 piping tip). Once that dried, I added the colored tassel. I was not happy with the consistency of the icing that I used on the tassel, but they still turned out great!

Puppy Pawty, WOOF!


One of my co-workers is throwing a puppy party for one of her friends! I had such a fun time decorating these cookies just because I love my dogs so much too. I used some new techniques with these cookies in order to give them some depth. I would do sections of the dog house and the paw print let them dry and then do another section so that the icing did not run together – it created almost a 3D effect. For the fire hydrant, I used AmeriColor Super Black food coloring and a paint brush and painted on the design. So fun!

Happy Birthday, Big!

RachelbdaycookiesstpattysDZ, Delta Z! Beta Lambda, Tennessee! 4, 3, 2, 1 Delta Zeta’s #1! Happy 25th Birthday, Big! I am so happy that my husband and my Big have St. Patrick’s Day Birthdays – this only means EXTRA celebration. Green beer and cookies – YAY!

To make these cookies I used royal icing, AmeriColor food coloring, Wilton Color Mist in green and gold, and a cookie stencil!

Only the Best for the Bestie!


I made these beauties for my best friend’s 24th birthday this past Saturday. As always I flood the cookies with a royal icing – I used a #2 tip for the smaller cookies and a #4 tip for the large Tiffany Blue cookies. After the flooding icing dried, I used a cookie stencil and Wilton Color Mist in gold for the filigree design. Then I added all of the script work with a #4 piping tip with piping consistency icing using AmeriColor Super Black food coloring. I used gold luster dust to add the details to the 24 cookies. These were so fun to make just because I knew that I would want these for my birthday too! They are very feminine, simple, and sophisticated – wait am I describing the cookie, myself, or my best friend? Happy Birthday, Kayla!

Birthday Surprises!


Birthday cookies for my co-worker 🙂

As I pride myself on keeping up with my friends’ birthdays, I let one slip off the radar for this month! Fortunately, I can whip up some cookies faster than I can pick out a gift. I made these cookies for my friend Ashley’s 23rd birthday (which is today – I could not have been more last minute). I used flood consistency royal icing and Wilton Color Mist on the number cookies. I used a pearl luster dust on the other cookies and used piping consistency royal icing. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 

img_1532  St. Patrick’s Day is my husband’s birthday, so I wanted to make some fun and festive cookies to honor this special day! I used a four leaf clover cookie cutter and flooded them with green royal icing using a #2 tip. Once the cookies were dry, I used a polka-dot cookie stencil and Wilton Color Mist in gold. This was my first time using Wilton Color Mist, and I have mixed feelings about it. I did not feel like there was great pigmentation to the mist, and if you used to much, it was extremely runny. It would work better on cookies with a lighter color for the frosting base for sure, but it was fun to play around with.

Easter Cookies 


Easter cookies – Peeps!

I have been obsessively following my fellow cookie fanatics on Pinterest and Instagram, and I fell in love with the Peeps, Easter cookies. They were pretty easy to make, but the colored sugar got EVERYWHERE. I used a flooding constistency royal icing, and then I added the colored sugar while the icing was still wet. The colored sugar made the cookies look like actual Peeps – so fun! Once the cookies dried, I piped eyes and a nose with piping consistency royal icing with a #2 piping tip.